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Clef Notes: The “Know Your Enemy” Edition

This week Clef Notes, like CNN features vice-presidential candidates, Mars rovers, and a list of Jeff Tweedy songs.

Internet Killed the Video Star: June

Jeremiah reviews new music videos from last month (and some of this month) including Beyonce, Britney, Broken Social Scene, Yuck, Fucked Up, and Katy Perry (sort of).

Internet Killed the Video Star: April

Jeremiah runs down a ton of new videos including Beastie Boys, Britney, Big Boi and even a few artists that don’t start with B.

Clef Notes: The Final LCD Soundsystem Edition

In this week’s Clef Notes Giovanny discusses the LCD Soundsystem ticket conspiracy theories, and reviews the new Britney, bitch.

Internet Killed the Video Star: February

The most diminutive month of the year gives us big videos from Britney Spears, Dr. Dre & Eminem, Radiohead, and Kanye.

Clef Notes: Tap Dancing Edition

In this week’s Clef Notes, Giovanny recaps the Shockwaves NME awards, weighs in on Britney vs. Katy, and then tries his best to address the whole Radiohead thing.

Clef Notes: #10

This week, Giovanny’s got reviews of Weezy and Sufjan Stevens, plus a whole-hearted plea for his favorite new charity.

Clef Notes: #9

This week in Clef Notes Giovanny reviews records from No Age and How To Dress Well, updates his Weezy Release Calendar, and rants a bit about M.I.A.

Clef Notes: #6

In this week’s Clef Notes, Giovanny reviews the new Weezer and Brandon Flowers releases, and says goodbye to the heat with a Top 10 list of this summer’s hottest tracks.

The Twitter Report: Hot Moms Edition

Jason scours the Twitter-verse for moms he’d like to respectfully offer to buy a drink for.