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Culture Blues Liveblogs the 82nd Annual Academy Awards

Join your best friends at Culture Blues for exciting LIVE coverage of the 82nd Academy Awards.

Oscar Fever: Avatar FTW

Jeremiah tries to calm down everyone having a coronary about the possibility of a big action movie like Avatar winning at the Oscars.

Oscar Fever Blog: The Field of 10

5 films? 10 films? Lets talk about it!

The Final Countdown: January 22nd Edition

This weekend’s conversation topics include campaign finance reform, the Cheddar Bob league, zombie soap operas and sitting to die.

The Final Countdown: January 15th Edition

Join us for some weekend conversation topics including what to eat for dinner, what to do Sunday night, how to get arrested unjustly, and just what NBC will do in the wake of their self-imposed shitstorm.

Wesley Cheng: Film: Avatar

Few movies offer as satisfying a movie-going experience.

December Movie Primer

Jeff is back with December’s primer, recommending just what movies you should give as presents this holiday season. Also, revealed inside, the greatest Jake Gyllenhaal movie of all time.