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CultureBlues.com was formed in the summer of 2009 when our diverse collection of editors all simultaneously discovered the internet. Immediately, they cast off their more frivolous ambitions – fixing the world economy, inventing fuel efficient jet fighters, hunting endangered species – to get all up in the world wide web.

Our intrepid editors set out with their Native American guide and TRON suits, intent on discovering every crevasse and cranny of the internet. They surveyed a desolate landscape of sex and networking, sex-working, Canadian pharmaceuticals, missed-connection ads, and a bottomless reservoir of adorable kitten videos. And yet, after their thorough and exhaustive search, our editors were shocked to discover the internet distinctly lacking in one particular department:

Inane pop culture ramblings.

And thus, CultureBlues.com, the first website dedicated solely to pop culture (and also, other stuff) was born. You’re welcome.

A web-zine dedicated to covering a wide variety of incredibly niche topics in a cynical, sardonic, and yet somehow oddly endearing and genuine way, Culture Blues promises fresh articles every day (but not necessarily on a daily basis), current reviews of exciting new stuff (when we feel like it), and other shit you just can’t find anywhere else on the internet, we swear.

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