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Between the Tweets: Broken City

Say hi to your mayor for me, ok?

The Twitter quote movie spot is the new man-on-the-street. No longer will camera crews shove a microphone in some poor slob's face as they exit the theater. Instead, some poor slob in an office will sift through Twitter search results to find evidence of "buzz". Unfortunately, these tweets have no personality, no face. How are we supposed to make snap judgments about these people if we can't see them? So, as a public service, I will provide some context. Here are tweets from the commercial for Broken City with some info on their authors, and an evaluation of how effective the ad is.

Tweet #1


Followers: 582

Tweets: 8.5k

Following: 488

Actual Tweet: “There is just something about Mark Wahlberg.. #hottie” 11/23/12

Retweets/Favorites: 4/4

Analysis: It’s a little odd that they removed the hottie hashtag because she isn’t saying anything explicitly positive about Wahlberg or the movie as quoted. “There is just something about Mark Wahlberg… that makes me want to rub his face in broken glass” could have been what she meant for all the home viewer knows. I guess the prudes in marketing thought "hottie" was too sexually suggestive. Or maybe they just thought it would make it too obvious that @ryleeann12 was just talking about Mark Wahlberg in general, and not Broken City. There is nothing in her tweet or timeline to indicate she is even aware of Wahlberg’s new movie. She did bank 8 total retweets/favorites off this thing, so she's clearly an important voice in the Wahlberg fan community.

Tweet #2


Followers: 731

Tweets: 5k (almost)

Following: 699

Actual Tweet: “Mark wahlberg is absolutely amazing” 11/30/12

Retweets/Favorites: 0/3

Analysis: Once again, there is nothing to indicate this tweeter has ever even heard of Broken City, so that’s a little weird. Isn’t there anyone out there saying anything good about this dumb movie?

Tweet #3


Followers: 155

Tweets: 18k

Following: 111

Actual Tweet: “Mark wahlberg is perfect” 12/17/12

Retweets/Favorites: 1/0

Analysis: OK, is this commercial for Broken City or Marky Mark? At least this one seems like it should be about one specific performance. No one really believes that Mark Wahlberg is perfect in every facet of life, right? Right?

Tweet #4


@GypsyLullaby7, again

Anything else, @GypsyLullaby7?


Followers: 347

Tweets: 23k

Following: 475

Actual Tweet: “#BrokenCity. Mark Wahlberg. Russell Crowe. Nuff said! Is it January 18 yet???” 12/12/12

Retweets/Favorites: 0/0

Analysis: I absolutely love that for a few seconds it looks like the ad wizards have farmed out the simple listing of cast members to individual twitter users. Like they’ll just exploit any opportunity to throw that dumb little bird up there. Ironically, GypsyLullaby is responsible for the vaguest graphics, but she's also the only one on the ad actually talking about Broken City. And she's really excited about it! She's tweeted at Russell Crowe and the studio about it. She is an unabashed Donnie Wahlberg superfan, and apparently to a lesser degree a fan of his brother, so I guess she's genetically predisposed to look forward to Broken City. In fact, GypsyLullaby7 is probably doing more marketing than the interns who could only find one tweet actually about the movie.


Overall: Only quoting one person who is actually talking about your movie, and 0 people who have actually seen it, is absolutely abysmal. There have to be other people saying positive things. Quote them. Slapping the Twitter handle of people all over your movie promotion just because they once mentioned someone in the movie is pretty sleazy. They didn't even use the hashtag you're pimping so hard! I'll give the ad wizards credit for one thing: they only chose users with positive follow ratios, except for GypsyLullaby7 who didn't leave them much choice.

Verdict: A miserable failure

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  1. Maybe one of my favorite pieces in the history of this fine site. Well played, sir.