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The Airing of Grievances: Sons of Anarchy Week 11

You know I'm surgical with this bitch, Jax!

This week's episode is titled To Thine Own Self. Hey, did you guys know this show is partially based on Hamlet!

Grievance #1 – Slowest SOA ever? 30 minutes in and all we’ve got is Tara handling legal problems, Jax pushing on Juice and Gemma to get dirt on Clay, and the club agreeing to a one-time gun deal with Jimmy Smits’ old crew. It’s gonna be a loooong 90 minutes.

Grievance #2 – These Justified promos aren't badass enough.


Grievance #3 – Tara seeking out Unser for advice. Which is really just a chance for the writers to have her verbalize her doubts about the old lady life she’s chosen and the toll it's taken on her. For those who didn’t get it from her pressuring Jax to leave the club and then staring wistfully at that surgery in progress.

Grievance #4 – Chase + gunfight. Killing two obligatory action scenes with one stone. It’s basically just the Sons driving in a circle and firing guns so I’m not sure it qualifies as a “chase,” but still... I did, however, enjoy Happy’s “I am rapturous” line reading.

Grievance #5 – “I’m tired of being crushed under the weight of greedy men who believe in nothing. I have to change that.” Welcome to the club, Jax. Problem is, no one knows how you’re going to change it or what you believe in, except for your frowny wife and those two rugrats. And murdering people.

Grievance #6 – Just when I think I’m out… Writing about SOA every week has gone a long way toward curing me of my whole “I’m just going to stick with this show until the end for the hell of it" thing. I’m 90% to not even tuning in next year. And then Donal Logue shows up as some sort of mysterious vigilante. Holy shit that came out of nowhere! Not “nowhere” exactly, since it was reported back in October. Not sure how I missed it. Maybe because the current season was already under way and I wasn’t paying much attention (hey, it’s not like I write about it every week or anything). But I’ve never been so happy to miss a bit of casting news. I didn’t think anything would come of Otto killing that nurse last week, aside from the weakening of the RICO case and Tara's perilous legal situation, but it may have also given the Sons a long-term adversary who isn’t totally despicable for once. Or maybe he just knocks off Tara and then gets killed. Either way, his calm, menacing and mysterious appearance was one of the coolest things to happen on SOA in a while.

Grievance #7 – Beyond a shadow of a doubt? Jax’s endgame for concrete proof about Clay and the Nomads involves bringing a few of the senior guys over to Clay’s house to pull some legal papers out of an air vent. That just doesn’t seem like a good plan. And is that really concrete? I’m not sure why Jax is so hung up on due process all of a sudden. Clay thought he had concrete proof that Opie was a rat when he sent Tig to kill him back in Season 1. We all know how that worked out. This “proof” is just as circumstantial. For all we know, Agent Stahl put those papers there.

Grievance #8 – Walking away from guns and drugs? If you’re still taking a cut, you’re not really walking away. You can call it a “finder’s fee,” but you're really a silent partner. Eventually someone in this deal is going to need your help, and they’re going to expect you to step up in exchange for that money. Otherwise, why are they still paying you? SOA is mired in this sort of sticky situation; the club should know better than to think it will be so simple.


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