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The Tournament: Teenage Battle Royale Day One Leaders!


You should probably catch up on the results of Day One before proceeding! If you’re ready, here’s how our readers scored on Day One, and bonus questions for Day Two…

Gone, but not forgotten...

Which of these heavily favored teen murderers will collect the most kills in the Battle Royale? (3 points)

We don’t have a result for this question yet, but Gogo Yubari has already made four kills. For the 9% of you that chose Roland Bishop… oops?

Who will be the first of the Bayside gang to die? (3 pts)

With Screech getting blown up in a Winnie Cooper dynamite accident, 21% of you scored points. The top choice was Lisa Turtle (35%) who found safety with the Bayside sisterhood.

Which of these queen bees will be the first killed by someone totally less popular? (3 pts)

Mean Girls’ Regina George was the first of the queens bees to get killed, thanks to the cruel intentions of one of the other queen bees. At 28%, Regina was the most popular choice in an extremely tightly voted question.

Which of these resourceful troublemakers will scam their way to survival the longest? (3 pts)

68% of you guys had Ferris Bueller outlasting the other troublemakers. Sorry, but that smug little asshole didn’t deserve to live. The rest of the votes are divided evenly between the still surviving Billy Tepper and Nick Twisp.

Will Daniel Desario and Kim Kelly ever assemble their flamethrower? (2 pts)

59% of readers correctly guessed The Freaks would assemble their flamethrower. Now, what do they do with it?

What happens when "Mr. Popularity" Zack Morris meets "Latin Saver" Max Fischer? (1 pt)

Many of you saw the Zack Morris and Max Fischer alliance being formed (30%), but a larger group was sure fan favorite Zack would be shot up by Fischer early (33%).

What happens when heart throb Dylan McKay has a throwdown with projects bad boy Moses? (1 pt)

Only 16% of you predicted Moses and Dylan would both survive their encounter. 53% had Moses dispatching the heartthrob, showing no faith in the Beverly Hills bad boy.

What happens when wanted-for-murder Ponyboy runs up against vigilante Hit Girl? (1 pt)

Poor Pony Boy. 37% of you saw his demise coming. Others (35%), likely a group influenced by the cautionary young adult fiction of S.E. Hinton, thought he could make friends with Hit Girl. Yeah, right.

Should've listened to Q...

Will John Bender survive an encounter with Gogo Yubari? (1 pt)

70% of you predicted Gogo would waste John Bender. Good work.

Which of these seemingly inevitable events happen on Day One? Bishop gets his ammo, Winnie detonates her dynamite, Veronica Sawyer uses her poison. (1 pt each)

Technically, Winnie didn’t actually detonate her dynamite, but we’re giving the 70% of you that thought she would a point anyway. Only 37% thought Veronica would break out the poison early, so you guys get a point too!

Who survives a three-sided melee between Roland Bishop, Brendan Frye, and Diana Guzman? Check all that apply. (1 pt)

Only a meager 13% had Brendan and Diana surviving at Bishop’s expense. We await the angry mob of Juice fans in the comment section.

In a classic battle of striking vs. wrestling, who will triumph in a rumble between Jake Tyler and AC Slater? (1 pt)

Even though Jake got his head blown off by Kathryn, he still managed to best AC Slater before that happened. The 50% of you that believed in Jake’s MMA strength get a point.


Only 8% had their champion go out on Day One, thanks to early departures by Bishop and Bueller. However, 30% of survey lost their runner-up with Bishop and Bueller being the most popular choices, but also Brendan and Regina disappointing predictors.

Here’s a quick look at how the leader board stacks up so far! 15 would’ve been a perfect score after Day One.

LEADERBOARD (Name, Champion, Runner-up):
Ben – 10 (Gogo Yubari, Jed Eckert)
Losman – 10 (Hanna, AC Slater)
Will S. – 10 (Jed Eckert, Roland Bishop)
Dawg – 8 (Zack Morris, Doogie Howser)
J – 8 (Doogie Howser, Gogo Yubari)
Matt K. – 7  (Zack Morris, Newt)
Patrick G – 7 (Gogo Yubari, Ferris Bueller)

Congratulations to those on the Leaderboard!

Use the Survey Form to answer some between round bonus questions, and sway the judges in the comments below!



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