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NXNE Interview: Brit & The Cavalry

Being based in Brooklyn myself, I wanted to track down a band from these highly artistic streets to see how skinny jeans translate to the Canadian scene. Brit Boras, who fronts Brit & The Cavalry, was kind enough to exchange some e-mails across the borough with me.

Brit & The Cavalry

CB:  For our readers that might not be familiar with Brit & the Cavalry, could you describe your sound?

Brit:  A mix of alternative indie rock and folk.

CB:  That's a pretty broad description that I think could apply to a lot of bands. What do you think sets you and the Cavalry apart?

Brit:  We play with different variations of instrumentation such as strings and horns both live and recorded which I think adds an interesting orchestral-pop element to our music, we all also come from a background in jazz which seems to creep in and out of our songs.

CB:  Is there an essential track I should point our readers toward?

Brit:  Our new "Melt Into Flames" music video.

CB:  I dug the video. What went into the shooting, developing the concept, etc? Did you get to keep any of the sketches?

Brit:  Thanks! I do have all the sketches now rolled up together in my apartment, not sure what to do with them but there's no way I could ever throw them out.  The director, producer, and I came up with a bunch of different concepts relating to the lyrics and finally came up with this idea. We wanted the concept of the video to be thought provoking, not by filming the direct meaning of the song but by taking that meaning and using it in a different situation/scenario and letting the viewer discover the relation themselves.

CB:  What was your NXNE experience like?

Brit:  It was great! We met a lot of bands, made new friends, saw great music, and played music outside of our country which was pretty amazing.

CB:  Did you have a chance to check out any other bands?

Brit:  Yes, we got to know the band Maurice because they were seated at the merch booth next to us and they are really nice and very talented. We also saw Brooklyn band La Strada which I knew of through mutual friends but had never been able to check out and they were absolutely fantastic.

CB:  Being based out of Brooklyn, did you feel a difference between playing shows there and being on NXNE?

Brit:  Oh definitely, it was pretty cool to see how responsive people are to Brooklyners.  I wasn't sure how musicians/audiences would receive us being one of the few non-Canadian bands at Northby, but everyone seemed really eager to hear about our music scene and culture.  One thing that definitely struck me was how open and friendly the musicians are in Toronto, in Brooklyn everyone is very nice but there is definitely a guard up that I didn't see between bands in Toronto.

CB:  Can you tell me about your upcoming EP? I read that it was financed by fans through Kickstarter.

Brit:  Yes!  Knowing there are people out there who want to help support this new album is really motivating. It's amazing to know there is such a strong support system for our band and music. This EP titled is Hiker and is definitely a lift-off from our last and I think people will be pleasantly surprised at the direction we're taking. We're currently recording the EP on our own so we've been fortunate enough to have complete artistic freedom and limited time constraints to make exactly what we want to.

CB:  In honor of one of Canada's greatest musical exports. More ironic:  rain on your wedding day OR ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife?

Brit:  Ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife.  You could always have your wedding in-doors, but to try and cut steak with a spoon would just be cruel.

Keep an eye out for Brit & The Cavalry’s Hiker releasing this year (I think). And if you’re in New York, head over to their fancy website to check out when and where you can see the band live.

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